Meet Our Team!

Hamilton O'Dea
Hamilton O'DeaPresident
Hi! I’m Hamilton and I’m so happy to be elected. I hope that as your new president I can bring all the residents some crazy fun events this year, and give everyone the chance to win some points for the rez-cup. I’ve seen some of the stuff Zeid’s got planned and I’m so excited. If you have concerns about anything, or even just want to chat. Send me an email.
Emily Nguyen
Emily NguyenVice-President of Residents' Affairs
Hey there! My name is Emily Nguyen and this is my second year working for the RAUO! I am a serious foodie so come ask me for cool places to eat! If you’re interested in fun events with a ton of free food and prizes to be won—this is your organization! If you feel like your resident rights are being disregarded, come see me and we’ll find ways to resolve this together! Send me an email via!
Zeid El Khodr
Zeid El KhodrVice-President of Social Affairs
Hey folks,
It’s round two for me here at the RAUO and a pleasure to be back! My role is to make your stay in residence as memorable and fun as can be through events and giveaways. I am from Chatham, Ontario, and am currently enrolled in my third year of study of International Studies and Modern Languages. I love camping, dragon boat, and funny animal videos – send any you find on IG to me @zeidfromstatefarm. If you have any questions, ideas for collabs or promotions, let me know by email.
Anthony Gomes
Anthony GomesDirector of Finance
Hi everyone,
I am thrilled to be working with the RAUO again, for a second year. I oversee the finances and internal operations, but in my spare time I enjoy listening to music and playing board games (and our lend program has such a great selection to choose from – it’s one of the many reasons I love working for this association).
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me at
Lyndsay Tran
Lyndsay TranChairperson
Hey everyone! I’m your 2017 ARUO-RAUO Chairperson. I’m from Oakville, ON, and I speak English and French, and understand some Vietnamese as well. I’m currently in my first year of the Biotechnology program. I play the violin and love to sing, and I love playing hockey and soccer! If you ever need to contact me, email me at
Mehdi Tazi Labzour
Mehdi Tazi LabzourSecretary
Hello everyone, I am about 19 years of age and I’m a first-year Political Science student. I am from Marrakesh, Morocco, the city and country I was born in, raised in, and lived my whole life in. I speak 5 languages (Darija, English, French, Arabic, and Spanish) and my favorite sport is soccer. In my spare time, I like to talk politics, enjoy simplicity, and just surround myself with a positive environment. I’m a great fan of debate and it doesn’t necessarily have to be political, and I hope to be working for the United Nations someday.
Simonette Binning-Jones
Simonette Binning-JonesWebmaster
Hi guys, I’m a third year Crim student and I’m happy to be working with the Exec Team to keep the website up-to-date. I love trying new foods (that I’m not allergic too– there’s a lot of things I can’t eat) and watching movies. If you have any suggestions for the website feel free to email me at
Julia Bui
Julia BuiExecutive Volunteer