Our Partners


The RAUO would not be able to do half the things it does without the support of our partners across campus and the community. These groups help us in various ways whether it be supplies, funding, logistics, event planning or co-operation. A huge thank you goes out to each one of them.

Food Services

Food Services and the RAUO have a longstanding reciprocal agreement. Working together to gather student feedback has lead to some tremendous (and delicious) changes in the quality and accessibility of food on campus. Such improvements have included the establishment of the 24 hour Rez Café and the introduction of many new menu items and stations across campus. Food Services has been of great assistance by providing food and refreshments at a variety of RAUO events and meetings, benefiting all in attendance.

Residence Life

RezLife’s front line is the Community Advisors that live throughout Residence. Due to the complementary nature of our roles, we have developed on strong ongoing relationship. Events and programming are coordinated together to ensure maximum participation and fun for residents.

School Spirit Council

The School Spirit Council (SSC) was established in 2001 as part of a student referendum to increase the sport accessory fees. The mandate of the SSC is to promote University pride and school spirit and enhance the overall student experience.

The SSC has been of immense aid to the RAUO in terms of being a source of funding for activities including the Residents’ Ball and Rez Cup.

University of Ottawa Health Promo

Residence living is often an entirely new experience for our residents, and we have teamed up with Health Services this year to promote a healthy lifestyle in transition to residence and throughout the year. We will be promoting events put on by Health Services, like free yoga Mondays, and they will be promoting our events, so keep an eye out for ways to participate!

The RAUO and UOttawa Health Services are holding monthly game nights in the 90u lounge! Stop by and say hi!

Housing Services

The RAUO and Housing Services work very closely together in bringing residents the experience of living in a university campus setting. When it comes to maintaining and improving our residences, the RAUO and Housing Services go hand in hand; we often hold meetings to discuss issues on building-wide and rez-wide levels.

Housing Services is present at town halls to hear feedback from the residents, so be sure to attend!

Centre for Global and Community Engagement

The Centre is an on-campus one-stop shop for information on opportunities in Ottawa and around the world. It also provides support to members of the university community who start their own community engagement initiatives. We work with the CGCE in order to provide co-curricular hours to all of the volunteering members who, without, we wouldn’t be able to provide half the services we do.



The SFUO strives to achieve accessible and high quality post-secondary education which recognizes the legitimacy and validity of student rights and representation. We defend your interests at all levels of governance, and advocate for affordable education at the University of Ottawa and with both the Federal and provincial governments. We strive to work with the SFUO in providing necessary services to the student body as well as keeping them properly informed of everything happening in and around campus.