Have a question for us?
Try checking our Frequently Asked Questions page.

General inquiries can also be directed towards our Secretary by email info@aruo-rauo.com.

Want to get involved through becoming a Floor/Cluster Rep?
Email our building reps at reps@aruo-rauo.com. Please make sure to include your building and floor so that we know where you are and can get back to you quicker!

Want to learn about upcoming events or have an idea for another one?
Check out our Upcoming Events page for Rez wide and building events. For floor events, check out your Residence-specific information page.

If you desire further information or have an idea for another event, please email our VP Social at social@aruo-rauo.com.

Have a problem, complaint, or concern?
If something in residence is becoming an issue, we’re here to help.

For physical issues (leaky faucet, broken switch or door, etc) please make sure that you have filled out a “Work Order Form”. These can be located at any of the residence reception desks.

If the issue has to do with roommate compatibility, try talking to your Community Advisors. CAs live with you in residence and can be found every so many floors. For a list of CAs, the floors they are responsible for, and their contact information, please click here.

If you’ve tried the above and are still not getting the results you’re looking for, feel free to stop by the office during our office hours, or send an email to the Vice President of Resident’s Affairs at residents@aruo-rauo.com.

Want to get an update on building and floor funds or find out the status of a floor fund claim?
Floor and building funds can be found, updated weekly, right here online. Check them out by clicking the following links: Floor Funds, Building Funds.

If you need further clarification or have other finance related questions, including the status of floor fund claims, please contact the VP Finance at finances@aruo-rauo.com.

Want to explore partnership opportunities with the RAUO or have a concern that isn’t described above?
Please contact the president by emailing president@aruo-rauo.com.


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Ottawa, Ontario

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