Year Code Title Summary Date Submitted Status
2014 2014-001  Friel Shuttle  A pilot project to have Friel residence included in the current campus shuttle route. September
Currently looking at having two stop times for Friel Residence added to the campus route beginning in January
2014 2014-002  All Gender Washrooms Initiative to have all gender washrooms implemented in uOttawa residences by beginning with a pilot project of the implementation of these washrooms in LeBlanc and Thompson residence and looking to further apply this in all other traditional residences. October 2014 Looking at the possibility of having them in Stanton, as there are locations and less of a reconstruction. Hoping to have these implemented for the 2015-2016 academic school year.
2013 2013-001 Shocking Requests the purchase and installation of AEDs within residence buildings. June 2013 AEDs installed in 90U and Thompson residences behind the reception desks. Discussion regarding implementation in other residences is ongoing.
2013 2013-002 Shower not Show’er Requests that the showers in Marchand, Stanton, and Thompson be outfitted with solid stalls with locking doors. June 2013 Studies have been completed in Marchand. A different type of curtain has been tried in Thompson. Housing Services has committed to ensuring that one floor per residence has showers with latching doors.
2013 2013-003 Appealing Requests that the Residence Agreement be reviewed and altered to ensure that all residents’ rights to appeal decisions made by Housing Services and Residence Life is clearly articulated. June 2013 The Housing Agreement and Code of Conduct went through considerable revisions, including the addition of clear appeal procedures. A paragraph regarding representation and the RAUO’s contact information has been added to all disciplinary letters sent by Housing Services.