Within the RAUO there are two categories of funds: floor/cluster and building funds. These funds are available, as their names suggest, to both floors and buildings in order to provide financing for programming and events. The use of both types of funds are based on a pre-approval with reimbursement system. As the RAUO is a not-for-profit, student run, organization which is subject to annual audits, our process necessitates this approach. That is to say, we are unable to process claims in advance of events or provide advances of money.

Building Funds

The use of Building Funds is approved at Building Council meetings which are convened by the Building Representative. The Building Council consists of the Building Representative and the elected Floor/Cluster Representatives from each building. Building Funds are allocated on an equal basis: each building is allotted the same amount at the beginning of the year. These funds are to be used for building wide programming and events.

Floor Funds

The use of Floor Funds is approved at Floor meetings which are convened by the Community Advisor. The use of the funds must be approved by the majority of that floor or cluster’s representatives in attendance at the meeting. A percentage of these funds is allotted at the beginning of each school year after which the remainder is allocated based on attendance at General Assemblies and Building Council meetings. These funds are to be used for floor events and programming.

The pertinent forms can be downloaded here.

Below is a listing, accurate at the date it was uploaded, of the available funds for each building and floor. Please note that this online version is provided for reference only: in any case of discrepancy, the soft copy in the office will be deemed as the official total.

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Budget 2014-2015 – Floor Funds (1)