Are you a resident looking for a way to get more involved in your university community? The RAUO has various ways to get involved at all different levels of time commitment. Take a look and then get in touch, we look forward to having you!

Executive Council

The Executive Council is comprised of the President, the Vice President Finance, the Vice President Social, and the Vice President of Residents’ Affairs. These positions are elected once a year in March, with the executive serving for the following academic year. Vacancies are filled, when necessitated, throughout the year. If you wish to get involved, ask a member of the current executive for more information or keep your eyes open for posters mid-February.

Building Representatives

Each building is represented at Executive Meetings by their Building Representatives. The Building Representative is also responsible for planning monthly events and meetings within their buildings and serving as a link between their residents and the RAUO as a whole. Building representatives are elected at the same time as Executive Council members in March of each year.

Floor Representatives (and Proxies)

Floor Representatives are elected from within their floor groups (one representative per community advisor). The Floor Representative works with the Building Representative to help with social programming and in helping ensure that the RAUO is accessible to all residents.  They also attend larger, residence wide meetings where they act as a voice for all residents on their floor. This is a great opportunity for those who want to get involved without a huge time commitment. Each Floor Grouping looks for one Representative and at least one proxy, in case the Representative can’t make a meeting. There’s tons of room to get involved!

For Brooks, these representatives are referred to as Cluster Representatives as the residence is arranged differently.

To get involved, speak to your Building Representative!


Each September, the RAUO hires a Secretary for the academic year. The secretary must be present at all meetings, take minutes, and aid with the written and translation needs of the Association. This is a great way for a bilingual student to get involved with the organization. For more information, look out for posters in early September or contact a member of the current executive.

Assembly Chairperson

The Assembly Chairperson is elected at the first General Assembly from the Floor Representatives. The duties involved in this position include maintaining decorum during Assembly meetings and aiding the Vice President of Residents’ Affairs in setting the agenda for these meeting.

[box type=”info”]Get credit for your volunteering!

The RAUO is registered with the Centre for Global and Community Engagement. This means that any volunteer hours you give towards the organization can be registered and credited towards you through official university documents. It’s a great way to get something back from the time you’re volunteering.[/box]