Each of the Vice Presidents of the RAUO leads a committee related to their portfolio. These teams help the VPs brainstorm ideas, tackle challenges, and are the source of most of the innovation within the RAUO. They are incredibly important! As their membership is open to all residents, they also serve as vital opportunity for grass root involvement of a population that is largely comprised of first year students.

Do you have fantastic event ideas? Are you really annoyed with a certain policy in residence? Do you want to change how the RAUO manages funds?

Get involved.

This committee is headed up by the Vice President Social and is the driving force behind the awesome events the RAUO is known for holding. Committee members have real input in deciding future events, take leadership roles in promoting residence wide campaigns and events, and help ensure that their year in residence is absolutely fantastic. Do you have creative ideas? Do you want to know the theme for Rez Ball before everyone else? Look no further. To get involved e-mail social@aruo-rauo.com
The Vice President Finance heads up this committee which is focused on the allocation and management of funds within the RAUO. Do you want to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes of our budget? Do you have suggestions for how we could improve? To join this committee, email finances@aruo-rauo.com[
The Director of Residents’ Affairs heads up this committee which is focused on improving the representation of residents on campus and keeping the RAUO’s governing documents current and efficient. To join this committee, email residents@aruo-rauo.com


Get credit for your volunteering!

The RAUO is registered with the Centre for Global and Community Engagement. This means that any volunteer hours you give towards the organization can be registered and credited towards you through official university documents. It’s a great way to get something back from the time you’re volunteering.