RAUO Floor/Cluster Representative Scholarship

Much of the work the RAUO does could not be done without the help of our dedicated and incredible Floor and Cluster representatives. These individuals work closely with their Building Representatives to help organize, promote, and deliver RAUO programming and services to all residents. As Floor and Cluster Representatives are volunteer and receive no compensation for their incredibly important work, the RAUO has created a scholarship program in order to reward some of these individuals.

The award is divided into two categories:

Conventional Residences: Marchand, Stanton, Thompson, LeBlanc, Rideau

Non-Conventional Residences: 90 University, Brooks, Friel, Hyman-Soloway, Henderson

The winner in each category will receive a $500 award and have their names inscribed on a plaque which will remain on display in the RAUO Office.

The award is adjudicated on the following criteria, as decided at the October 25, 2011 Assembly of Representatives:

i.     Attendance at Building Councils, Assemblies of Representatives, and General Assemblies;
ii.    Attendance at Building events;
iii.   Attitude and enthusiasm;
iv.   Effort in aiding with event planning and logistics;
v.    Evaluation of the Floor/Cluster Representative by their Building Representative.

Applications come out yearly following the Spring Reading Week and are to be handed in and adjudicated in the month of March.

The application information can be downloaded here or picked up from the RAUO  office.



See past year’s winners here.