Francis Dellosa

Francis was the floor representative for floors 8 and 9 in Marchand. Francis was a huge help in planning and organizing the Marchand building wide events, and volunteered at the majority of events held for his residents. He organized the Marchand Winter Formal Dance, and without his help and leadership the event would not have been possible.

Adley McKenzie

Adley was the floor representative for floors 1 and 2 of Hyman-Soloway. He made many contributions to the social events held for his floors as well as volunteered at all building wide events hosted by his building representative. Adley perserveered through the hermit like atmosphere that can be found in Hyman-Soloway in order to bring together his floor mates and incite them to part take in events other than their studies.

 2013-2014  Cherie Wong (Thompson)
Myriam Faucher (90U)


Jocelyn King (Stanton)
Kaitlyn Stahl (Hyman-Soloway)