The RAUO provides a political representation on the behalf of students living in one of the university residences. The RAUO representatives elected yearly are there to voice your concerns, organise events, and promote ideas on how your needs should be met in residence. The Residents’ Association is here to support you in any situation; there are varied positions in the RAUO that deal with diverse aspects of life in residence. Just to take note off, every RAUO member spends several hours in the RAUO office, so if any concerns arise, it’s always a good idea to go and see them at the office right across from the RezCafé at the Residential Complex.

The RAUO is made up of three bodies:

  1. Residents – by way of election, referenda and general assemblies they are the supreme authority of the association.
  2. Floor Representatives – act in the name of Residents in the Assembly of Representatives
  3. Executive Committee – elected by the Residents, the Committee applies the decisions of the Assembly and sees to the daily operations of the Association.


In terms of the RAUO executive, there is a number of positions, and they will be briefly explained:

The president is the leader of the RAUO. The president’s position entails him/her to implement new ideas that look out to better the residence experience, as well as overlook everyone else’s positions and aid them in any way possible. The president spends at least six hours per week in the office, and for major administrative concerns and suggestions is the one to be contacted.
The VP RA is there to address your concerns when you have any issues with your specific room or such. He/she is the direct link to the people that run the residences, and thus the best way of reaching them efficiently and effectively with your complaints and suggestions. Besides, the VP RA is also the manager of the Lend program, so for any questions about it, feel free to contact him/her. Like all other positions, he/she has a certain number of office hours, specifically 4.5 hrs per week, during which you can find him/her in the office
The VP Finance manages all financial activities within the RAUO. His/her duties require him/her to prepare and present the budget; also he/she administers floor funds, as well as reimbursements and all other things dealing with money. Just like the secretary he/she is always willing to help you during his/her weekly office hours.
The VP Social is important in terms of social events concerning all residences. He/she deals with organising the Residence Ball which is an awesome event you won’t want to miss. With the hosting of at least one event on a monthly basis, the VP Social will be sure to keep your spirits high throughout the school year.
Every residence has its very own building representative, they organise many events for students, and are to be the first person addressed if there are any building-wide concerns or suggestions. Building representatives hold building-wide meetings, which are exclusive to all the floor/cluster reps where they can help with suggestions and their own ideas. Generally, building reps require floor/cluster reps for more basic tasks as well as to organise events specifically for the floors. Anyone can become a floor/cluster rep, and if you are interested you are always welcome to see your building rep.[
The Executive Coordinator is a huge support person for the e-Board of the association. They oversee the proper functioning of the Lend Program, the physical running of the office as well as lend a hand when it comes to representation meetings. You can spot the Executive Coordinator table-ing in your residence, and sharing pertinent information to you.
The secretary is a hired position within the RAUO through a process of interviews. The secretary is there to facilitate communication and take minutes of all meetings.