One of the most important functions that the RAUO serves is to represent all residents. We do this in a variety of ways: policy proposals for Housing Services, Building Councils, General Assemblies, Townhalls, and through the ability to represent and accompany any resident appealing any decision made by Housing Services.

We are not Community Advisors (CAs). CAs fill an important role within residence: they are your day to day support for interpersonal and intrapersonal needs. They are employed by Housing Services (and therefore, the University of Ottawa) to live with you and to help facilitate an enjoyable, safe, and healthy university experience. We work in partnership with the CAs on a variety of initiatives – most notably the United Way campaign and RezCup.

As an independent organization, we exist to provide a check and balance to the University and Housing Service in regards to residence matters. That is to say, we are here to speak for you – whether that be ensuring that the buildings are in tip top shape, making sure that your money is being spent responsibly, or ensuring that university employees are providing quality, fair, and transparent services. If you have a comment, concern, complaint, or worry you can contact us in a variety of ways. The VP Residents’ Affairs can be reached at, you can come in during our office hours, or you can drop us an anonymous note in the drop box outside of our office.

Policy Proposals
Policy Proposals are initiatives which we consider important for the Association to pursue over the long term. They are generally issues that have come up numerous times, prompting us to review current practices and to make a proposal to Housing Services on how something could be improved within residence. Through formalizing our suggestions in a proposal format, we are able to engage in a more comprehensive and productive communication with our campus partners. To see a comprehensive list of the policy proposals we have submitted to Housing Services, please click here.

Building Councils and General Assemblies
Building Councils and General Assemblies, which are composed of Floor Reps, are a fundamental part of how the RAUO represents residents. They bring together representatives from all corners of residence – allowing for a unique opportunity for the RAUO to gather comments, concerns, complaints, and suggestions. It is these opportunities that inform the Association’s day to day business – everything from what programs to implement, what policy proposals to pursue, and how to best use our financial resources to ensuring the best possible experience for those in Residence. For more information, including the scheduled times and locations for upcoming meetings, please click here.

The RAUO organizes Townhalls as an opportunity for residents to interact with those providing services within residence. In the past we have had Food Services and Housing Services make themselves available for questions, concerns, and suggestions. These have proven to be tremendously successful – the creation of a 24/7 Cafeteria within the main residence complex is a direct result of these consultations, for example. Keep an eye out for posters or check our Facebook page to find out when the next one is happening.

Representation at the Time of Appeal
Sometimes things happen, mistakes are made, and things can get broken. In these situations, in accordance with the Residence Code of Conduct, Housing Service has a range of disciplinary actions it can pursue. These range from charges for repairs, alcohol probation, room changes, or, at an extreme, expulsion from residence. We work with our partners to try and ensure that disciplinary actions are applied in a consistent, fair, and acceptable manner.

If you have been informed that you are to receive one of these such actions and do not agree with their findings, you have the right to appeal their decision. The RAUO can aid in these appeals in a Varity of ways: we can provide you with resources or direct you to where to find them, we can accompany you to meetings with Housing Services, and we can meet with Housing Services ourselves to try and rectify the situation.

If you are in need of this type of assistance, please email