The University of Ottawa’s Housing Services provides accommodations to close to 4000 residents. These residences range in size from 143 to almost 700. All of these residents, regardless of which building they live in, are represented by the RAUO.

They also range in terms of set up. Four of the residences (Leblanc, Stanton, Marchand, and Thompson) are conventional style. This means that they have a mix of single and double rooms with separate, shared bathrooms and kitchen. 90U is a suite style residence with generously sized bedrooms and an in-suite bathroom and kitchenette. Brooks and Hyman Soloway are apartment style residences. They have the choice of 2 to 4 bedroom apartments which are complete with bathroom(s), a full kitchen, living room, and dining room.

Each residence is unique and has its own atmosphere and energy. They compete each year in the Rez Cup for the title of Champion, bragging rights, and a pretty fantastic prize.